Hi. I'm Laura-Stigler Marier. Welcome to my fun-woman show!

Think of it as a fast-paced, storytelling TED talk...with music, where I share my experiences in Nashville and in songwriting -- the good, the bad and the beautiful. Whether you're a songwriter, song lover, curious about Nashville -- or just have Big Dreams of your own, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll -- oh, just let the 2 short videos tell you what in tarnation "Nashville Notes" is all about. Then book it at your venue or come see an upcoming show!

Thanks for droppin' by, darlin'.

(Like to hear some of the latest songs I've written? Head on down to "Music.")

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Really nice testimonials...

Thank YOU for sharing your story! It was so inspiring to hear all your trials, tribulations and amazing songs. Your show was so funny, but heartbreaking at the same time. I absolutely loved your honesty about your experiences. -- YB

I was really blown away by your Fun-Woman show! -- GK

The content was intriguing for a non-songwriter. I was interested to learn about the process and to be exposed to Nashville. I need to go!  -- AD

Congratulations! Encore! The girl can write, sing, dance! So entertaining! -- KS

You are one talented and sexy woman. I loved, loved, loved the hot-guy-walks-into-a-bar song.  -- NS

We were so happy to be able to share your dream. Thank you! -- CG

 All songwriters need to see this heartfelt show. -- J.H.

"Nashville Notes" is a wonderful song-filled journey about the songwriter's experience navigating Music Row and the music industry. It's funny, inspirational, and very heartfelt. --  C.M.

"I'm home." That's exactly how I felt the first time I visited Nashville. It's just one of the things Laura  said that I related to. This is a great show for songwriters at any stage of their journey. -- A.T.