1. Carry Me Away


Written by Laura Stigler-Marier & Ken Marier

From the first time that I saw you
I knew you were the one
It’s a feeling to this day I’m trying to fight
It may be a cliché
But believe it when they say
There’s such a thing as love at first sight...

‘Cause you carried me away...carried me away...
And even though I know it isn’t right
Not a day goes by
when you haven’t crossed my mind
And I dream about you each and every night...
What else can I say?
But you carried me away

And there are times I wonder
What would our life be like
If I saw you standing at my door today
If you were Superman
And I climbed upon your back
And you and I would simply fly away...

And you carried me away...carried me away
And even though we know it wouldn’t be right
At least we’d be together
Forever and forever
Every day and each and every night
What would everybody say
If you carried me away?

There must’ve been a reason
There must’ve been a plan
Why the two of us had gone our separate ways
Then again I never knew
If you felt the way I do
And the way I always will until the day...

They carry me away...carry me away
And finally put this broken heart to sleep
Release this tortured soul,
Out into the cold
Along with all the secrets that it keeps
“Rest in peace,” they’ll say
As they carry me away....
Carry me away
Carry me away....

c 2018 Laura Stigler-Marier & Ken Marier