1. Ya Got Me


Written by Laura Stigler-Marier & Ken Marier

Maybe you ain’t drop-dead good lookin’ (ooo oo ooo)
A little out of touch in the way of style (ah ah ahhh)
‘n that shirt ya do look good in
Hasn’t been in for awhile ...makes me smile
Well baby I don’t know
What about you got to me so
But ya had me at “hello”... Ohhh

Like a boy brandishin’ a butterfly net
Ya got me
Like a paintball player gettin’ me all wet
Ya got me
Like a cop yellin’, “Freeze! Hands in the air!”
Jig is up and I don’t care
Take me in, take me anywhere
Ohhh, ya got me

I came in second at the beauty pageant (ooo oo ooo)
Lost to my best friend at the County Fair (ah ah ahhh)
Guess they didn’t dig my dancin’ (heh)
Wish you were there...you’d be fair
With you, I can be me
Or anything I wanna be
I’m your Miss Tennessee, yeah...

Like a catfish takin’ the bait
Ya got me
Like a rookie picked off at home plate
Ya got me
Like cryin’ “Uncle!” in a snowball fight
Fugitive dodgin’ the full moonlight
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
Awww, Ya got me

Oh my heart was a stubborn thing
Till you
Came into view
Next thing I knew...

Like bein’ stumped by a game show host
Ya got me
Like bein’ punk’d in a practical joke
Ya got me
Like a firefly in a Mason jar
Kids playin’ tag in the schoolyard
Like capturin’ a picture of a shootin’ star
Ya got me, Ohh oh oh
Ya got me , Ah ah ah ah
Ya got me...Oh oh oh
Ya got me...Ahhhh....

©2019 Laura Stigler-Marier and Ken Marier